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Mining & Digital Asset Consulting Services

We provide understanding on digital assets including cryptocurrency, and operate one of the largest Bitcoin mining facilities in Norway. Start mining with us today through our cloud mining contacts.

 Leviathan Mining Farm,   



Making mining and digital assets accessible to everyone

Terra Solis is one of the leading hashpower providers in Norway, offering cryptocurrency mining capacities in every range - for newcomers, interested home miners, as well as large scale investors. Our mission is to make acquiring cryptocurrencies easy and fast for everyone.

We provide a multi-algorithm, multi-coin cloud mining service using the latest technology - without any pool fees. The ultimate goal of our existence is to make cryptocurrency mining an easy, smart and rewarding experience for all. Our services already attracted people in 20+ countries - We’d be happy to serve you as well!


Who we are

The story of Terra Solis started at the end of 2013. Our founders first got into crypto in the early days by buying and selling Bitcoins from one exchange to another taking advantage of arbitrage. They were fascinated by the technology and wanted to build their own farm, only to realise all their friends wanted to participate as well.

They came up with the idea of mining as a service and built the first mining farm in Norway. Since our founding, we have grown tremendously and a lot has happened, but one thing remains constant: We are all strong believers in the future of digital currencies and we love being part of this growing community.

Our Services


Currency Mining

It’s simple - Your mining rigs are already set up and running. As soon as you’ve set up your account, you can start to mine your first coins using our Bitcoin cloud mining service!


Colocation Mining

Mining Colocation is a method of mining cryptocurrencies by renting space in a data centre. in this method, you own the hardware and simply pay the data centre for maintaining it for you.


OTC Desk

We offer deeper liquidity and a private, more personalised service to institutions and high net-worth individuals needing to fill large orders. click the link below for more information on this service.

Home: Services

Credit card payment now available.

Home: Services

"Thank you! Great service and reasonably priced"

Dion Michael - Director, MLX Capital

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